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Electroplating SS Anode

Reference: #1030

Effective for use with any acid based solutions
Weight: 75 gms/pc

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Glass Heater 220V

Reference: #1251

Useful to heat Plating Solutions
Weight: 150 gms/pc

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Lubricant for high-speed motors

Reference: #1043

Used in handpiece and shaft greasing
Weight: 40 gms/pc

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Rubber Strips for making moulds

Reference: #1053

Weight: 1kg

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Media Cleaner

Reference: #1057

To clean the tarnished magnetic and vibrator media
Weight: 850 gms/bottle

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Stainless Steel Magnetic Pins

Reference: #1050

Bottle of 250 grams, Superfine
Size: 0.30mm or 0.50mm
Weight: 250 gms/bottle

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Powder

Reference: #1033

New formula with Ammonia granules that will ensure quick and effective cleaning with no problems of rust on the items. Use 5 grams with 1 litre of water.
Weight: 150 gms/bottle

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Magnetic Solution

Reference: #1058

1 litre pack. To be used in Vibrator, Magnetic and Hand Burnishing
Weight: 1,000 gms/bottle

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Gold Plating Solution

Reference: #1032

1 litre pack that is ready to use and alkaline based. Rose, Green & Yellow.
Price will be quoted based on prevailing international price of Rhodium & Precious Metals.

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Enamel Kit in Wooden Box

Reference: #1111

14 bottles (20ML) in different colours Kindly wash the article properly before applying enamel paint. “Cure” the article under bulb heat (100w) for 15 min. Once this is done you can apply glossy paint over the enamel.
Weight:1,500 gms/kit

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Electroplating Connecting Cord Set

Reference: #1027

Quality set of 2 cords, made of silicon rubber with 2 alligator clips that will not corrode
Weight: 80 gms/pc

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Stella Pen Plater

Reference: #1028

Ideal hand-held plating pen with high density tips and airtight cap
Weight: 100 gms/pc

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Electro Cleaner

Reference: #1031

Alkaline based solution that is designed to clean items thoroughly, leaving a chemically clean surface. Hydrogen bubbles formed on the surface help perform scrubbing actions. Used with anode for optimum use.
Weight: 1,200 gms/bottle

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Iron Binding Wires Spool of 3 kgs 34 guage

Reference: #1341

Weight: 3,000 gms/spool

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Reference: #1342

Popularly used for setting Jewels and Stones. Simply heat the Shellac and apply to the item that needs to be temporarily held. Rates shown are a indication only, will vary seasonally.Price quoted on request

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Pen Plating Solution 30 ml

Reference: #1029

(Please use yellow nib and at 12-15 voltage)
A) White Rhodium;
B) Black Ruthenium
C) Rose, Green & Yellow
Price will be quoted based on prevailing international price of Rhodium & Precious Metals
Weight: 35 gms/pc

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Mix Stainless Steel Media for Tumblers

Reference: #1578

Assortment of satellite, balls and cross pins
Weight: 1,000 gms/bottle

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Stainless Steel Media for Tumblers

Reference: #1177

A) Round 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm
B) Ball Cone Small /Medium and Large
C) Dish Cone Small Medium and Large
D) Pins Plain 1mm and 1.5mm
E) Cross Pin 1mm and 1.5mm
Weight: 1,000 gms/bottle