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Diamond Inspection Tools

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Diamond Inspection Kit in Genuine Leather Wallet

Reference: #945

Contains Titanium Tweezer, 18mm Satin Loupe with Elastic Chain, Titanium Scoop 4, Gem Holder, Acrylic Matching Tray, Selvyt Cloth. (For Qty. over 100 Pcs., we can emboss your company name and logo)
Weight: 260 gms/kits

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Diamond Inspection Kit In Wood Box

Reference: #1127

Contains Titanium Scoop #5, 18mm Eye Loupe Satin Rubber Grip Gem Holder and Titanium Diamond Tweezer
Weight:330 gms/kits

Diamond inspection kits and tools manufacturers in Mumbai, India to supply all over the world with diamonds inspections tool and kit in range of 1800 products since 1970 by user friendly online ordering system with reliability and durability. We have good clients of German as well as other abroad nations for diamond inspection tools and kits.