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Clocks Screws, Nuts, Rivet & Bushing Tools

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Screws For Kitchen Clocks And Wooden Doors

Reference: #568

Weight: 70 gms/pkt

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Rivets Brass For Wall Clocks

Reference: #566

Assorted Packet of 100 Pieces
Weight: 50 gms/pkt

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Screws Brass Or Nickelled

Reference: #567

For Bell and Case Fitting (Assorted Packet of 100 Pieces)
Weight: 40 gms/pkt

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Ratchet Click For Clocks

Reference: #564

Small Medium with Revets,(Assortment Pkt of 50 pcs)
Weight: 40 gms/pkt

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Pivot Brass Bhing For Clock

Reference: #563

Assortment Pkt of 100 pcs
Weight: 45 gms/pkt

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Hand Nuts

Reference: #1062

for Hermle Clocks Metric & American Sizes available(Packet of 12 pieces)
Weight: 10 gms/pkt

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Pendulum Rods for German Clock

Reference: #554

Packet of 100 pieces
Weight: 150 gms/pkt

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Clock Hand Nuts

Reference: #1309

Packet of 12 pieces
Weight: 5 gms/set

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Gb Holder Set Of 5

Reference: #1654

Props up the movement during repair
Weight: 10 gms/set

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Dummy Winding Square

Reference: #1711

For redundant winding holes; plate 20mm; sqaure 4mm x 4mm; shaft 12mm
Weight: 10 gms/pkt

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Nuts For Clock Assorted (brass Or Nickelled)

Reference: #553

Packet of 100 pcs
Weight: 40 gms/pkt

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Clock Nuts - Screw - Washers - Bushing

Reference: #1335

Assortment of 150 pcs, excellent utility box for clock repairers who do not want to buy each separate
Weight: 80 gms/pkt

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Pivot Brass Bushing For Grandfather Clocks

Reference: #562

Size 5/16inch, 3/8inch, 7/16inch, 1/2inch (Packet 4 Pieces)
Weight: 40 gms/pkt