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Clock Chart

Assembly Supports for Clock Movements Set of 15 - 1653

Props up the movement during repair
Weight: 175 gms/set

Clock Movement Quartz - 588

To run with One Pencil Cell, with One Pair of Hands and One Centre Second Hand 13mm Spindle
Weight: 250 gms/pc

Clock Movement Quartz - 588A

To run with One Pencil Cell, with One Pair of Hands and One Centre Second Hand 18mm Spindle
Weight: 250 gms/pc

Mechanical Clock Parts Set of 15 - 1538

Popular replacement parts for American Mantle Clock Movements
Weight: 100 gms/set

Mechanical Pendulum Clock Regulating Stand - 1059

Weight: 3500 gms/pc

Clock Movement (Mantel) no. 300 - 584

A 8-day hour and half-hour strike movement. Drop back mounted pendulum and gong hand shaftenable this movement to fit into a variety of cases. Length of Pendulm from centre of shaft to tip is 5½". Overall measurements of the movement come complete with 4" hands and pendulum ball
Weight: 1050 gms/pc

Clock Alarm Mechanism for Kitchen and Mandrel Clocks - 585

The unit measures 1¾" x 1¼" x 2¾" (L x W x D). It comes assembled with a hammer and with centre piece, alarm trip, alarm that attaches to the clock movement
Weight: 150 gms/set

Clock Movement 9¼” Pendulum (#100) - 586

Length from Centre Shaft Movement is 27/8" deep, exact size for Kitchen Clocks and other Mantle Clocks, replacement or reproduction. Points of greatest stress are bushed and all pivot holes have oil sinks, a key and one pair of hands go with the movement. (As movements are custom made, minimum order of 50 pcs of any particular type is requested)
Weight: 1050 gms/pc

Time Only Movement 8 Days - 1054A

13" Drop
Weight: 650 gms/pc

Time Only Movement 8 Days - 1054B

18" Drop
Weight: 650 gms/pc