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About Us

Over four decades of experience in the watch and jewelry tools trading industry has made "Anchor" a preferred brand today, representing quality, price value and innovation.

What began as a family business importing watch parts from Switzerland and other parts of Europe, soon diversified and established itself as pioneer exporter of watch,clock and jewelry tools and equipment worldwide.

The journey, like many others was marked with challenges and expectations, yet the 3 generations of the Ghadially family - the late Esmail Ghadially to his son, Moize Ghadially and his grandson Mazhar Ghadially have grown the vision of providing Indian products to the world market and creating a niche for themselves while doing so.

The vision was distinct and bold and the patronage enjoyed by Cambridge Time Spares with business houses in over 60 countries is evidence that the vision was backed with hard work, dedication and a simple desire to pioneer.

The future is to consistently add to over 3000 products in the current portfolio and continue the trend of innovation at competitive prices with efficient delivery cycles.

Team members that make CTS a success, follow a simple rule:

Going to bed with a dream,
Waking up with a purpose,
A purpose to service the needs of every customer to the best of their ability.